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Digital Library -- Books from the Past

“Books From The Past” has been developed for a consortium led by the National Library of Wales to preserve old Welsh texts. The Digital Library developed for them is based on the Greenstone open-source platform with significant enhancements to meet evolving Digital Library best practices. These include support for multilingual content, Welsh diacritics, using a METS/TEI driven content source, XML-based parser and conversion engine and extensive search enhancements.

Iqura has done extensive work on devising mark-up standards using the TEI standards, handling of Welsh language issues such as diacritics, mutations, noise words, etc., development of an TEI-XML converter for seamless publishing from mark-up to web content, content management systems for adding additional books to the library, etc. Our skills in and enhancements to the Greenstone platform have been appreciated all around.

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