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Anand Saraf, is the Managing Director at IQura, he has over 8 years experience working with technologies and clients in the sphere of software services. He has worked extensively with clients in a myriad of sectors ranging from Energy, Financials, Inventory to Healthcare. He has worked on a number of solutions for the healthcare industry. His range of technical expertise ranges from Internet based to N-tier solutions for the enterprise.

A significant example of this is the instrumental role in the analysis, design, development and deployment of the “WolfTC” software system for a Detroit based hospital group. This package was aimed primarily at the management of young cancer patients and to support cancer research using the data collected. Facilities for patient management, examination, assignment, lab tests, disease diagnosis, chemotherapy and tumor records are available. Disease management was through disease trees, symptoms recording and drug prescription including dosages was possible. Appointments and visits scheduling can be done. The system included extensive reporting and querying tools ensuring information availability for analysis.

The project was developed over a period of 12 months with a team of 5 people. Anand was responsible for the analysis and architectural design of the solution, client interaction, onsite deployment, and training.


The system follows the 3-tiered client/server architecture. The database used is Microsoft SQL Server. The business logic is encapsulated in a Remote Automation Server written in Visual Basic. User Interfaces have also been developed in Visual Basic.

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