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Lotus Notes

The Lotus Notes suite provides security-rich software that enables businesses to communicate, collaborate and increase productivity. In addition to being a "groupware" system (e-mail, calendaring, shared documents and discussions), Notes/Domino is also a platform for developing customized client-server and web applications. Its use of design constructs and code provide capabilities that facilitate the construction of "workflow" type applications (which may typically have complex approval processes and routing of data).

You can choose Lotus software for its multi-platform application development features -- for discussion databases, dashboards, and people-driven applications like customer relationship management, help desk or supply chain management. You can also integrate Lotus Domino applications with IBM Workplace environments, WebSphere Portal solutions and many third party applications to extend your investment even further.

Iqura is well qualified to architect, build, support and enhance your Lotus Notes infrastructure. Our experience spans from extensive capability in Notes technology to building complex work-flow driven enterprise solutions and from document-management to multi-device integration.

Lotus Notes Solutions
The gamut of solutions that can enhance your business using Lotus Notes technology is immense. We offer below just some of the solutions where Iqura can increase the ROI on your investment. Click here to learn more about how Lotus Notes addresses the key requirements of increasing return on investment and reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Document Management
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile & Wireless
  • Lotus Notes Services
    If you have invested in Lotus Notes or plan to do so, Iqura is your ideal development partner. With our long expertise in outsourced software development and time-tested offshore outsourcing processes, you can be sure that your projects are in the right hands. Our service offerings include:
  • Product Development
  • Application Development
  • Web Enabling
  • Application Integration
  • Enabled-for-mobile
  • Upgradations
  • Application Maintenance
  • Performance Analysis & Application Optimization
  • Case Study

    A leading independent software vendor specializing in Lotus Notes products ( and recently awarded the LotusAdvisor 2006 Editor’s Choice Award wanted to scale up and offshore one of its products, TrackMeet, so that they could better focus on product marketing and ideation.

    TrackMeet is a Lotus Notes product that has won numerous awards as the ultimate meeting management system. It streamlines the process of storing, maintaining and retrieving minutes and action items from the numerous meetings that occur throughout a company. It ensures that great ideas that emanate from meetings aren’t lost due to lack of adequate follow-up. TrackMeet is designed to simplify the organization and distribution of the minutes and provide a mechanism to assure that all those great ideas don’t get forgotten.

    Iqura is partnering with Kolaco to provide product engineering services for new feature additions, maintenance as well as for extending the application to enterprise technologies such as IBM Workplace and Websphere.

    Contact us to learn more about how we can help your IT initiatives.