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Enterprise e-Business

Iqura's Enterprise e-Business services comprise a focused offering for enterprises whose businesses are either driven around an e-business or could benefit immensely by "e-nabling" their existing business.

We partner with our clients to make e-Business work within the enterprise with a clear-cut focus on improving the Return-on-Investment and reducing time-to-market. We have built, upgraded, and strengthened e-Business solutions for numerous small to Fortune 500 companies.

With our extensive years of experience in building e-business solutions, we are the a leader in internet technologies. Our approach to implementing an e-business revolves around designing a robust architecture, high focus on RoI, time-to-market and usability and utilization of proven technology which will ensure a highly-available solution.



  • Turnkey e-Commerce Solutions for start-up ideas

  • Payment Integration across all payment modes – credit card, paypal, mobile, etc.

  • Recharge management

  • Credit Card Fraud Management

  • Back-office Management solutions

  • Billing solutions

Web Application Development

  • Migration of Legacy systems to Web.

  • High-volume transactional applications

  • High-load Web sites where transactional concurrency is important

Content Management

  • Publishing Studio product

  • Digital Library solutions

  • Content Repository, template and taxonomy design

  • Search solutions

  • Workflow design and implementation

  • Multi-lingual Solutions

Enterprise Integration

  • Application Integration

  • B2B Integration

  • Data management and integration across applications


  • Personalization & Targeted Content Delivery

  • Search-engine Optimization

  • Traffic management solutions

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Campaign Management solutions

Enterprise Portals

  • Creating Infrastructure & Architecture

  • Portal management

  • Single-Sign-on Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Integration

Web Services

Iqura has built and delivered multiple projects involving Web Services in different areas. We have been working with customers to build large transactional systems that have benefited from the implementation of a Web Service component in their architecture.

We understand where Web Services are useful, how they can be leveraged, the different standards (WSDL, SOAP, XML, and UDDI) and how they fit into a larger solution.

Iqura has the relevant experience to help you identify where Web Services can help your enterprise, create the architecture and implement the Web Services using the right tools.

Case Studies

  1. Our customer, a leading home inspection company, reduced their time to deliver a report to a customer from 3 days to 4 hours by completely automating the service delivery to the web through PDF documents.

  2. A customer significantly improved their scheduling system by having Iqura implement a map-based Web Service that would automatically e-mail the day’s schedule of visits along with driving directions, maps and other details.
  3. For a customer with an idea for an e-commerce solution, Iqura delivered a turnkey service from idea validation, competition analysis, architecture design, development, management tools, e-commerce integration, workflow automation, hosting and maintenance. The company recovered its entire investment and become profitable within 3 months of launch.
Contact us to find out more about how we helped these customers and how we can make e-Business work for you.