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Technology Specific Services

Companies face various challenges while deciding upon a technology platform and technology mix for their organization. Some technologies allow quicker development but may be more expensive, others may be more stable, yet others may not have adequate support.

Iqura is a technology-neutral and impartial provider when it comes to helping you make technology decisions. We are not wedded to any single technology. We have good expertise on Microsoft’s entire technology suite, on Sun’s Java platform, IBM technologies as well as a large number of open source technologies.

When evaluating your technology decision, amongst the issues we evaluate are:

  1. Time frames for go-to-market / time-to-deliver

  2. Licensing cost considerations

  3. Support needs and availability - in-house and externally

  4. Hosting costs if it’s a web-based solution

  5. Integration with your existing technology infrastructure

  6. Suitability for transaction loads, uptime and mission-criticality

Very often, our solutions will involve a mix of different technologies, each suited for a particular component of the entire architecture and will be across technology platforms.


Technology Services

  • Microsoft .Net & Related Technologies

  • Sun Java Platform

  • Open Source

  • IBM Lotus Notes

  • MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL & DB2 Databases

Contact us when you are having difficulty in making a technology choice and find out how we can help you make the right choices through our impartial advice.