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Our expertise and understanding of the Real Estate industry helps us leverage technology to provide you with solutions that will greatly enhance your ROI.

Global real estate markets and the construction industry are offering new opportunities for growth. Many factors have contributed to the booming real estate industry in the past few years. However, the industry faces challenges. Traditionally, an industry accustomed to privacy, the Internet and technology improvements have been transforming the industry. The real estate industry is increasingly getting more regulated, stable and multi-faceted. Companies that recognize and embrace the changes are emerging as leaders and maximizing returns and customer acquisitions.

The industry is characterized by a transactional nature where a multitude of players are involved at each stage of the transaction, and each stage has a plethora of paperwork and regulatory environments to deal with. Businesses operate across multiple locations and deal with numerous entities for a single transaction.

Iqura has been developing solutions for the real estate industry for more than eight years across the transaction chain from homeowner to realtor to mortgage companies and title companies. Our solutions are designed to allow the industry to focus on its core competencies of property purchase, sale, development and management while our services streamline its processes, improve customer interaction and maximize profitability.

We combine deep industry knowledge with extensive technical expertise and past project track record to help customers leverage information technology and achieve measurable gains in their businesses.

Iqura's Real Estate and Construction Practice focuses on providing information technology solutions and services to the following industry segments:

  • Real Estate Offices
  • Realtors and Agents
  • Home Inspection companies
  • Builders and Developers
  • Mortgage Companies & Financial Agents
  • Architects
  • Title Insurance Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Homeowners, buyers and sellers
  • Contracting Agencies
  • Our solutions for the real estate industry are wide-ranging and can be customized to individual requirements. We list below some of the solution areas and ideas for improvement in those areas.
  • Transaction Workflow Automation
  • Online Transaction Management
  • MLS Integration & Customization
  • E-Commerce Implementations
  • Document Management
  • Paper-to-PDF Automation
  • Mapping & GIS Solutions
  • Online Tools & Calculators
  • Custom designed and template websites
  • Broker Websites
  • E-forms and online forms
  • Besides the above, we have solutions for the Emerging Real Estate Industry including:

  • Mobile Solutions
  • Value Added Online Services
  • Emerging Standards
  • Case Studies
    Leading Home Inspection Company
    The customer is a leading home inspection company and part of a Fortune 500 real estate company. The company provides home inspection services across the United States. Over a span of several years, Iqura has been working to improve efficiencies across the board, eliminate data re-entry at multiple stages across disparate systems, improve turn-around times and improve productivity of staff.
    Iqura has built many systems across the enterprise that range from document conversion, document migration, document delivery, automation of reporting process, web-based scheduling and calendaring, order booking, online quote engines, and document storage systems.
    Leading Real Estate Office

    The customer is the number one real estate brokerage office by transactions; dollar volume and market share in Arizona.
    Iqura provided services that ranged from website creation, a full back-office workflow management tool that includes multiple MLS integration, agent management, agent rosters, agent websites, office management, open house schedules, live chat, and a whole range of other executive services.

    Leading Home Builder
    The customer is a large developer of residential homes in India. Iqura built a trend-setting web application that not only showcased the entire company and its projects but allowed customers to have individual secure areas where they could customize their homes as they were getting constructed. From choice of paint color to wall tiles to fittings, a customer had the flexibility to customize and preview her entire home and seamless communicate with the developer for her selections.
    Iqura has built many long term relationships with its real estate customers and has executed numerous projects in this segment. Click here for a partial listing of some of our customers.
    To discuss how Iqura can help your business please contact us.